About Us

Hey everyone, so happy you dropped by.

You being here gives us the opportunity to share with you what gives us a buzz…helping people navigate the changes that are often unsuspectingly thrust upon us.

Having traveled the world attending conferences and workshops, the familiar sounds are changing – the clink of teaspoons on coffee cups and the hum of chatter between presentations have changed to the click of a mouse or the request to “…type 1 in the question box if my sound is clear“.

Out in cyberspace, presenters and trainers are fast realizing that the level of engagement received in live, face-to-face presentations are not the same as a singularly focused webinar or workshop. Additionally, presenters and trainers are realizing that not all webinar software platforms are equal and there is a struggle to deliver content meant for face-to-face engagement. The adjustment is proving challenging as customers are hesitant to trust the quality of delivery via the seemingly disconnected platforms.

Our Journey

Our journey could be likened to that of a Phoenix – consistently rising from the ashes – consistently reinventing to stay abreast of changes. One of the things you’ll come to realize (and love) by being connected with us is our unwavering commitment to improve standards of delivery and engagement around the world.

We are passionate about conferences and workshops and have convened, supported and facilitated more than 2,000 live events over the past decade. With the changing needs of the world, another opportunity set emerges and conferences and workshops are transitioning to digital platforms such as webinars and “click” seminars.

Why We Want To Help Small Businesses

Ultimately, we love making a massive difference in the lives of small business owners, and bring together the best tools, systems, and resourceful people for online delivery of training and other forms of presentations. We enjoy seeing positive outcomes and have developed and implemented extraordinary presentation skills including interactive webinars and workshops.

We love the excitement this presents and having personally participated in the delivery of online training workshops, our dream is to continue to provide and expand the availability of webinar platforms and other digital media (typically not accessible by ordinary folk) so that those who are interested and committed can thrive beyond their current situation.

Our Purpose

Our aim here is to provide small business owners like yourself with an inside look at what it really takes to succeed through application of the latest and best online conference and webinar platforms and operate a business from anywhere in the world without being restricted by geographic boundaries. We’re keen to help you take your business into the future.

We’re curious, what are YOUR dreams and desires?


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below or drop us an email at admin@dianevconferenceandwebinarplatforms.com and we’ll be more than happy to help you out.


All the best,

The friendly team at Conference and Webinar Platforms for Small Businesses.