Webinars or online seminars were developed by Microsoft at the end of 1980s to reach and engage a specific target group in order to exchange information. The first public web conference became available in mid-1996 when Microsoft announced the launch of NetMeeting. That tradition has been mainly upheld in increasing the reach of a target audience and consistently engaging them both live (web streaming) and afterwards (as replays). Today, it has become increasingly obvious that webinars are good for business. In fact, webinars are an essential way of doing business and teaching.

Traditional Networking Events – What Existed Before Webinars?

Traditional networking events such as in-person conferences, workshops and seminars are oftenBusiness owners at in-person conference encouraged by academia and businesses as one of the best ways to meet and talk to people after presentations as well as to increase communication skills. Many activities at these in-person networking events involve attending the social events, exchanging your contact details to the people you meet, and giving or receiving feedback after presentations (depending on whether you presented or not).

However, networking activities are not limited only to the moments while attendees are at the event. Most often, it takes a lot of work to follow-up with newly acquired contacts after the networking event has finished. Being successful at networking is one of the best ways to ensure that a project or collaboration develops.

Top Webinar Products or Software

With the requirements to observe social distancing, many businesses have needed to seek other alternatives to in-person networking events. As they scour the market for the best solutions a number stand out on top. The top webinar software on the market include:

  • Microsoft Webinar Software
  • Citrix Webinar Software
  • Adobe Webinar Software
  • WebinarJam Software

At the writing of this review, a newcomer, GrooveWebinar, which is part of the suite of tools from GrooveFunnels (created from the same developers who created WebinarJam and EverWebinar) is making waves as a disrupter in the webinar hosting space. GrooveFunnels is definitely a trendsetter to watch.

What Are Webinars Best Used For? – Online Collaboration

Webinars use audio, video, and a variety of other technological innovations to produce an interactive experience that’s almost comparable to meeting in person. And with today’s rapid Infographic of online collaborationinternet speeds and very affordable hosting services, virtually anyone with a computer and webcam can host a webinar.

However, a successful webinar requires a great deal of thought and preparation. One of the first steps involves developing an interesting topic. With the topic selected, the next step is to gather a shortlist and choose a presenter who is skilled in facilitating the webinar and putting an itinerary together.

The webinar will need to be promoted in order to attract the right audience and ensure you are giving them the best information that they are searching for. It might seem like a lot of work, so before you jump in its important to verify that that a webinar is the most appropriate vehicle in delivering your message.

Here are a few of the situations when a webinar is best suited for your business.

1) Webinars Are Best Used To Facilitate Interactive Training

Instruction can often be accomplished via email, recorded video or a teleconference. But sometimes, live, interactive video works best. Participants can follow along with you, asking questions every step of the way. This kind of webinar works best with a limited number of participants.

2) Webinars Are Best Used To Facilitate Product Demonstrations

Traditional businesses often hold demonstrations to show people what their products can do. If you sell on the net, a webinar can accomplish the same goals. Because you can interact with viewers and answer their questions right away, it’s better than recorded video. You can also record the webinar and post it to your site in order that those who are unable to attend can see what they missed.

3) Webinars Are Best Used To Facilitate Focus Groups

Businesses often use marketing groups to fine-tune their products, services and marketing efforts. They choose participants from their target market and show them ads or presentations, then ask questions and allow free discussion to see how they react. Online focus groups work well for online business owners because they allow people to get involved despite geographic location.

4) Webinars Are Best Used When Creating Yourself As An Industry Expert

Online marketers often hold webinars as a way of establishing themselves as experts in their respective fields. Delivering a webinar offers many advantages. Webinars allow customers to put a face and personality with the name of the business, therefore, increasing trust. It also makes it possible to share information in a variety of ways and gives people the opportunity for interactive discussion.

5) Webinars Can Be Helpful Throughout Sales Cycles

Using webinars during the entire sales cycle, from identifying new prospects to closing the deal, can allow you to get in touch with your audience in ways that are difficult though email and other methods.

Limitations of Webinars

Webinars, as with all services that are heavily dependent on technological equipment and services, are limited by the level of mitigation that can be implemented to prevent or minimize unforeseen circumstances. If there are irreparable technical problems these can lead to the event being cancelled, or restrict the number of participants who can log in after the webinar has started due to saturation of the webinar platform.

The energy from the participants (especially their mood) is difficult for the presenter to determine. However, during live streaming, if the interaction between a presenter and participants is reduced to a minimum this could indicate that the participants are not actively engaged or may be they are distracted.

Webinars ultimately help to maximize benefits for audiences

Most webinar hosts encourage their participants to make sure that they attend the webinar using a DESKTOP or LAPTOP computer. This suggestion is intended to ensure that everything loads quickly, without issues, and that all participants have the best experience. ย Many webinar software often do not behave well with mobile phones or iPads, so to ensure the best viewing experience always use a computer.Woman in bed attending Webinar

Hosting a webinar will most definitely eliminate the need for attendees to travel long distances thus saving them time and unnecessary expenses. Thus, webinars make it easier and cheaper for target groups to network and engage. The host also benefits because the costs associated with organizing a physical event and hiring a venue are much lower than using a webinar platform.

What collaboration or networking needs do you have?

Disclosure: Part of the business model, of Conference and Webinar Platforms for Small Businesses, is affiliate marketing. That means Conference and Webinar Platforms for Small Businesses get compensated if you click on some of the links on this website and make a purchase (at no extra cost to you).

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  1. This article is so appropriate for what’s going on today with Covid! It has caused many businesses to do online only webinars and trainings. I actually appreciate this style because of the online world. I have signed up for many services online and they provide online training via a webinar. It’s convenient and easy for me. A downfall is the face to face interaction, but the world is changing how we do things and communicate! 

    1. Congratulations on signing up for online training, Antarctic Adventures! Yes, the human factor can never be replaced.

      All the best in the training!

  2. The online business world is hard. Besides so many competitions, there are so many things we need to take care of. Starting from websites, product quality, product prices, marketing strategies, to customer service.

    Despite the limitations you mentioned in this post, I do think that creating webinars enables us to reach out to audiences that have more potential to be our next customers.

    Do you recommend to have a backup computer, power supply, and internet provider just in case something happen unexpectedly before or even during the webinar? In my city, we often have blackouts or power outages.

    Thank you for sharing about webinar and its benefits. I’ll look into it more.

    1. Thanks for sharing Ferra. I would recommend having a back-up. I use back-up WiFi as well as power sources. 

      Customers are often conscious about the likelihood of outages, but they’ll become frustrated if they’re too frequent. 

      I’m curious: has business improved, declined, or remained the same for you?

  3. Ever since the global pandemic hits, our new normal life has begun. At my work we actually use Zoom for all the meetings. I am surprised that we do not use the Microsoft version since we use outlook. The bottom line though, webinars are a necessity for all businesses while we social distancing. 

    One thing that I do not like about webinar is that we do not get to have the real human interaction and engagement. It is just a different experience in my opinion. 

    1. Thanks for sharing Nuttanee. Indeed the webinar experience can never replace the human factor.  Are you able to share: how has business been affected since relying on webinars?  Has business improved, declined, or remained the same?

  4. It’s very true that webinars are good for business, having this kind of product, it’ll enable people from different spheres and background knowledge to come together and exchange vital and valuable information that will better the business community. It creates an audience for you to pour out your knowledge and ideas.

    1. Thank you for sharing.  Have you used webinars for business?  Would you mind sharing if webinars improved, made little difference or there was no noticeable effect on the business?

  5. Thank you so much for sharing a beautiful and insightful article with us. The prime element of this article is webinars Are Good For Business. It is truly impressive that you covered this subject so well in your post. I’ve learned a lot from reading your article and developed a lot of knowledge about it. I like Top Webinar Products or Software of the points mentioned in your article. I basically like Microsoft Webinar because I have been using it for a long time which can be used without any hassle. By using this webinar, you will get many benefits that are not available anywhere else.
    Lastly, I have read and enjoyed your article, so if you want to appreciate your business, I think you should use Microsoft Webinar.

    1. Truly appreciate your reply @Md. Asraful Islam.  It’s good to get your perspective on why you love using Microsoft webinar. Here’s to your continued success!

  6. Hello there, thank you for sharing this informative and educative article with us. This is Post is talking about conference and webinar platforms for small businesses. I personally like the Microsoft webinar software. Thank you for enlightening me more on what webinar is. I would be sure to share this Post with friends and families across various platforms. Thank you very much

    1. Thanks Lesley. It’d be great to hear what your friends and family members think.

      What’s the best feature of the Microsoft software that you like?

  7. Depending on the use and what we really want to get out of webinars, they are really worth it. I actually like the fact that webinars can really help to get things started and rolling. I appreciate the idea that webinars can make the right Orion for developing the business in the long run and for networking too. This is really good to see here

    1. That’s very insightful, Sherry. 

      Have you noticed any impact on businesses you operate in or associate with?

  8. A webinar is a live event that viewers can access online in real time. … As a video streaming tool, webinars fall under the broader concept of web conferencing. Webinars use audio, video, and a variety of other technological innovations to produce an interactive experience that’s almost comparable to meeting in person. And with today’s rapid internet speeds and very affordable hosting services, virtually anyone with a computer and webcam can host a webinar.

  9. Thanks Phoenix, I can identify a lot with this webinar topic. Before covid, my business was to make presentations to families and cook them a 3 course meal. I cant go to my customers anymore. Now I make presentations online. The good side is, I dont have to waste time and fuel driving to customers houses, I can present to anybody anywhere in the world. but the down side is they dont get to taste the food! 

    1. That is incredible Juliet! They must be missing the taste of the lovely meals. Yum yum:)  All the best for business being on-track.

  10. Interesting and appropriate topic Phoenix!  I echo the sentiment of everyone who added comments before me. This is a timely topic of conversation. 

    I was more interested in GrooveWebinar as you mentioned above. I would like to know more about this tool and understand how it can be used to collaborate and share information? What are some benefits to using it as opposed to the other webinar tools that you mentioned? Are there any particular strengths that it has compared to its counterparts? What are some of its features that would make it a trendsetter?

    1. Hi Linda,

      While GrooveWebinar is a newcomer, and is in its beta stage of development at the moment. However, these are some of the features that are being considered for development:

      Breakout rooms  — These are critical, especially to have live training.  A short while ago zoom went down. Everywhere was searched for another service with breakout rooms. None could be found. Breakout rooms are crucial for our business. GrooveWebinar is looking to support breakout rooms and many businesses are prepared to pay extra for this function. Private practice rooms are a huge advantage, students can practice in smaller groups or pairs, even individuals for any set period of time. It has revolutionized our online training. We would never go back to one big clunky stuck mega group. It’s the future…

      When GrooveWebinars is launched later in 2020, other features that can be expected include having option to sell webinar tickets, similar to Webinarjam but with better payment integration. There’s a payment feature similar to PayPal (without the exorbitant fees).

      Another feature that’d give GrooveWebinar a huge thumbs up is having a “panic button” option, so that if a webinar is being hosted and the platform is unstable, a single click can divert all attendees to another room. This can reduce loss of potential customers.

      I’ll be covering more on this GrooveWebinar in future articles, so watch this space for the rising star!

  11. Yup, with the way things are going, webinars are probably more necessary now  than they have ever been. 

     Some of the limitations that you mentioned were spot on. I have been to a few webinars and web conferences for work and on a couple of  occasions I was pretty much asleep with my eyes open. Sometimes the energy of  a presentation just does not reach everyone and  the fact that the presenter is not physically present might make him/her less aware of the general disposition of the audience.

    Other than that it’s good stuff. thanks for the informative and thorough article. 

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Nicos. Yes, the ability to gauge the energy/disposition of the audience during in-person seminars, is certainly a missing for webinars.  It’d be interesting to see how AI could be implemented to simulate that experience.

  12. Webinars are great for every business
    It makes no difference what the industry is. Webinars will give you business a great boost especially if done on a consistent basis as Wealthy Affiliate and thousands of other businesses do
    Ver useful information, thank you.

  13. Yes, webinars are a great thing.  Makes me wonder how we ever got along without them.  Such a great tool for getting people together from many places, but who can hook into the specific program they want to use.  They are certainly a great teaching tool.  

    Your list of the ways that webinars are most useful is a good one.  What value there is in being able to demonstrate a product before a camera!  People watching can understand so much better what it’s benefits are.  It’s a very sophisticated “show and tell” system and can be a most effective way of teaching new information.  

    You can actually “enroll” people in a webinar and charge a fee — another way to add some cash to your pocket.  It serves many excellent purposes.

  14. Hello there, thanks for sharing this great article. I am new to online businesses and I have been read keen on learning about so many thing and I have sometimes come across the word webinars and really get confused as to what it could be and today after making a search on it, I got to see this article, and now I have a really clear understanding of it. Cheers

    1. Thanks Bella.  So glad the article provided clarity. All the best in the new online journey. And feel free to drop in and check out other related topics.

  15. You are so on point, webinars are definitely good for business especially given what our world is going through right now.

    Many companies and businesses are making their products and services known through hosting webinars. I for one prefer webinars to physical meetings. It makes things much easier and convenient. 

    Once in a while, I attend business webinars and never get tired of attending them because they are very convenient, all I need is my laptop, internet and a link and all is done.

    I don’t have to worry about travelling or booking spaces and arranging for transports or things like that in order to attend meetings.

    This convenience definitely makes webinars the best way to boost a business campaign because it ensures you have more people attending your meetings which leads to more potential to make money.

    1. Thanks Queen. I’m curious. 

      Which webinar platform have you noticed that provides the best meeting experience?

  16. Having spent a lot of time over the years in more traditional ways of business promotion and networking, I really appreciate the online platforms available today to set up and conduct webinars. That being said, I also enjoy traveling about and conducting in-person. seminars live. Given our current worldwide status, it is even more fortunate that online webinars are available. I appreciate your presenting the pros and cons of webinars. 

    1. So true, Joseph. I do enjoy traveling to seminars and being with people in-person does add a lot to the experience. Which webinar platform have you noticed that provides the best networking experience?

  17. This is an incredibly useful site for us as we operate a translation and interpretation company English/Spanish and we have to operate as interpreters for companies based all over the world and mines that operate in remote locations, e.g. when new equipment is being installed at a mine.  The Groove sites that you mention are entirely new to me, so this is invaluable information. What is the maximum number of locations & people that Groove and the others you mention can work with?  Which system do you think would be useful for our specific circumstances? Please see envision-consultores (dot) com/en/

    We would genuinely appreciate your advice and if appropriate, we might possible explore the potential for supporting backlinks.

  18. Thanks for a well written and informed article about webinars . I have some experience with webinar whether trainings or product demonstrations, I find them interesting and very helpful.
    Overall I have good experiences with webinar and it has become really vital in the world today.
    Do you think that these platforms will continue to become the normal means of meetings and such in these times?

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Wendy.

      If the past is anything to go by, I’d say “Yes”; webinars are here to stay.

      Iโ€™m a pioneer user of the beta version of Groove. I’m looking forward to see it go mainstream. Itโ€™ll be a game-changer!

      Peace be the journey!

  19. This is a fantastic and clear article on webinars. It made me think about the entrepreneurs / companies that do this and they do seem to gain more trust from potential customers. This is definitely food for thought when thinking of my business. Thanks for sharing this brilliant post with us!

    1. So glad it was valuable Cbhambra.  Please feel free to drop in when you’ve looked into the platform(s) that’ll make the biggest difference for your business.

      Happy to help where I can.

  20. Webinars are particularly useful in this “new normal”. I’m a part of a marketing group and instead of the regular meeting in the office, the company and its leaders are now using webinars. The ambiance is the same, with people enthusiastic about their sales and performance, except that in actual seminars offline and in-person, there are no snacks served. But that’s a small thing because the most important part of the webinar is the topic discussed.

    Among the webinar software that you have mentioned, Microsoft webinar software, Citrix, Adobe, and Webinar Jam, which one do you think is the best of them all? And I also wonder, why is it that Zoom is not included in the list?

    1. Thanks Gomer.

      Very insightful comments. I particularly like that you captured that while snacks were not served, the topics being discussed is the most important part.

      Thanks for raising Zoom. It was left out particularly as the security issues had not yet been resolved as a secure platform. Since then, they’ve stepped up a lot in that aspect. 

      I have more exposure to Microsoft webinar software. However, a newbie has been piquing my interest – GrooveWebinar. It’s still in the beta version, so not yet available for public consumption. However, it’s one that I think will be a game changer.

      How do you predominantly use webinars – host or attendee?

  21. I’m all for online training, webinars, etc. I’d rather use them than sitting in traffic and going to conventional events. I can attend a webinar from the comfort of my home. It’s more convenient for many of us.

    As you mentioned, it has drawbacks. It will never be the same as attending a traditional networking event, but it’s come pretty close. 

    Even before this pandemic hit, many businesses had made or were in that transition toward webinars and online training. It’s cheaper and more convenient for both parties. I think the trend will continue in the upcoming years.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Enrique. Yes, the experience is coming pretty close.

      Do you engaged with webinars as a host or as an attendee?

  22. Having attended several webinars over the years, I can honestly say they have improved greatly. The use of the webinar is going to become more important in the years to come. Companies are going to enjoy the benefits of webinars since some of their personnel will not be away for days at a time. People will still be able to network only in a different manner. I foresee that in the next few years that there will be fewer and fewer business conferences worldwide. 

    You will have new players come into the market that bring great innovation to webinars. More companies will go with them because of the added savings. Some of the savings will be in the form of not having to pay out travel expenses for one or more people and get more productivity from them. You will also find that some of the smaller companies will begin to have a stronger influence on the overall market than a larger company.

    I see webinars having a very bright future ahead of them. There will be some groundbreaking changes that will make the webinar the preferred many of educating the workforce.


  23. This is a needed post for this season we are in right now and the future of communication in many organizations to come.

    I have never heard of the Groove funnels and it’s definitely one to research.

    I have however used more of other collaboration tools like MS Teams, Google Meet and Zoom.

    What would you say is the reason webinars are preferred to these tools mentioned above?

    Are there any particular advantages?

    1. Thanks for sharing Kavinah.

      I think the preference has mainly stemmed from the historical use of the platforms. When you look at it, Webinar platforms have been used largely as marketing and sales tools. 

      With the relatively recent introduction of MS Teams, Google Meet and even Zoom, more people are seeing the feasibility (and dare I say necessity) to expand the functionality; and thus meeting rooms are now becoming common place.

      At the end of the day, the intention or purpose of the end-user will determine the advantages. So if people are keen to provide live visual displays, then Zoom might be the platform of choice. At the same time, if someone needs to automate the delivery of their presentation, then new-comers such as GrooveWebinar (still in Beta production), might be tool to explore.

      At the end of the day, each user will need to look at their own particular needs.

      Peace be the journey!

  24. Wow, that is an exceptional article on the need for webinars, and why they are so important in today’s business world. I have attended many webinars, and I find that they are a great method for interacting with others, learning, and getting more details about the material presented. They are a great way of having questions answered. And, of course, I love that you don’t have to travel. It is a great cost-saving way to engage people. I find that with the pandemic going on, also, that it helps people who are worried about contracting the virus. It is much safer, and many businesses are using this time period to reach even more people.

    Thank you for an informative, helpful article. 

    Molly G

  25. Webinars are fantastic for so many different things as you mentioned. In one of my businesses we use it for training all of our new agents.
    Thank you for sharing the great information with us

  26. Hey there Phoenix

    I had no idea webinars have been around since the 80s, I’ve always thought they were quite recent. It’s also interesting to learn that Microsoft is responsible for it but then no surprise there.

    I have never taken the time to study nor understand what webinars are and how useful they are. Thanks to this post, my knowledge base has grown and a new tool was added to my arsenal.

    Groove webinar is one of three I am aware of from your list and its popularity is truly impressive. Even people who haven’t heard of Skype, and yes some people don’t know what Skype is, are using Groove.

    Solomon & Selina

    1. Hey Solomon & Selina!

      Thanks for dropping by. 

      Yes, it’s amazing how long they’ve been around. I’m a pioneer user of the beta version of Groove. Can hardly wait until it gets mainstream. It’ll be a game-changer!

      Peace be the journey!

  27. I think if people get used to webinars instead of the face to face contact-especially if trading globally they will become the new norm. I have attended loads especially during lockdown and they have been used a s a sales pitch-always at the end of course so as far as I see, they really are the new norm. It’d be like you got leads, got your potential customers in a room and you did a presentation to them then pitched at the end after answering questions. It’s just online-no difference except the face to face stuff. Thanks for the article as it made me more aware of the other webinar softwares out there ๐Ÿ™‚ 

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Teambuilder. Happy the article contributed to you ๐Ÿ™‚

      Yes, I can see where a number of webinar hosts have predominantly used the platform as sales tools.

      It truly is becoming the new norm.

  28. Thank you first for the article. I have used and been in many webinars over the year. Some are prerecorded and some are real-time. Both I truly find informative. I do like the layout of the article but were the ( bullets ) for what a webinar is was redundant. Do a slight change in the wording. also, like the page layout were the heading stays in one place as the reader continues makes it a great site.

    Thank you again

  29. Thank you so much for the article. All the earlier commentators have well said how good Webinars are in this day and age where social distancing has become a new normal.

    Most organisations I interact with regularly use webinars nowadays which has contributed greatly to business continuity.

    I agree there are some limitations as mentioned in your article’s conclusion as there are limitations with any other tech medium but the benefits of webinars outweigh the limitations you mentioned so they are still the best you can bargain for.

  30. Webinars are great for business. In my personal experience, webinars have been most valuable for training purposes first, and product demonstration or recruiting secondly. Due to schedule demands, webinar replay is the bomb. Replay has allowed me to learn, grow, and NOT miss out on opportunities that otherwise would have been lost to my business.

  31. Hi, I have been participating in many webinars on a regular basis, mainly for product demonstration. 

    Whilst I find they are necessary to keep you updated about the product, many times they can be very lengthy and boring. It is easy to lose interest when there is no interaction with the sales person or the presenter. 

    In fact whenever I can avoid the live session or when I am busy and cannot attend, then I will watch the replay at my own leisure. Thank you for putting together this interesting article. Marisa

    1. Thanks for sharing, Marisa.

      I too find that the interaction with the presenter makes a world of difference.

      Peace be the journey!

  32. Hi, thanks for writing on this subject and it has helped me a lot because I was searching for a good product for video conferencing for my team. I am glad to know about groovewebinar. Could you write a little more about it and if you’ve had any experience using it . I’m going to check the ones mentioned here anyways…

    1. Hi Augustine. Thanks for requesting a follow-up on other webinars of interest. As it’s been a popular request, I’ll certainly do another article on this topic.

      Peace be the journey!

  33. Interesting and appropriate topic. I echo the sentiment of everyone who added comments before me. This is a timely topic of conversation. 

    I was more interested in GrooveWebinar as you mentioned above. I would like to know more about this tool and understand how it can be used to collaborate and share information? What are some benefits to using it as opposed to the other webinar tools that you mentioned? Are there any particular strengths that it has compared to its counterparts? What are some of its features that would make it a trendsetter?

    1. Hi Areej.  Thanks for dropping by. I truly appreciate your interest in GrooveWebinar. 

      A number of other readers, like yourself, have requested more information, so i’ll be providing an in-depth coverage of this potential game-changer. 

      So, please stay tuned.

      Peace be the journey!


  34. Hi Phoenix, thank you for this detailed review on webinars. With this recent Covid19 pandemic, traditional networking events have come to a halt and could very much be a thing of the past. I have plans to soon host my own webinars as a marketing strategy. Adobe is a brand that I trust and most likely will give the Adobe Webinar Software a try. I was wondering would you happen to know If Adobe offers a free trial? Looking forward to your reply, thanks in advance.

    1. Hi CeCeMorgan,

      Thanks for dropping by. Yes, these days things are rapidly changing to match the needs of the emerging environment.

      It’s really smart to start by trialing the various software.This will give you an opportunity to determine whether the particular platform meet your business needs. Indeed Adobe Connect webinar offers a 30-day trial period.

      Would love to hear how it all goes.

      Peace be the journey!


  35. With recent global events and the drastic increase in the creation of content on the internet, webinars have become a go-to for business owners. They have drastically replaced the usual physical meetings. they have reduced the need to travel, and at the same time reducing the cost on physical meetings. 

    Although their limitations are technologically based like you mentioned, I still prefer them to the physical meeting

  36. Hello, thanks for sharing this insightful and informative article with us. This article is so appropriate for what’s going on today with Covid. It’s very true that webinars are good for business. Ever since the global pandemic hits, our new normal life has begun, I have received more number of invites for webinars. Webinars are good for business growth. it’ll enable people from different spheres and background knowledge to come together and exchange vital and valuable information.

  37. Webinar has been a very good way for so many people to be able to make money online by creating great courses online. I think the Microsoft webinar are the best all the time and it really helps to make everything even better and good as well. I have to try the Microsoft webinar when I want to reach a whole lot of people too. Nice I do on this list here.

  38. I really appreciate this article.  At this crucial moment this what a every business need to survive. And I want to say thank you for sharing with me what I needed most I my Business at the moment. I will put what you share into practice and see how it goes.


  39. I have been checking the pros and cons of jumping into webinars for my small business and your post has given me that little push to pursue this. I am glad you recommended a few platforms to test. I would like to start with Microsoft Webinar Software, since it’s the only one I had heard before.

    I’m a bit excited about this. Thanks for this post.

  40. Hello there, online business is really good and its really bringing money in for those who are good in it, but its only normal that you go through a good training session or have a good mentor to put you the through. However since the start of the lock down I have been really busy with learning online and its been going well so far. Cheers

  41. I realize that webinars have become a necessity nowadays, especially after the pandemic affecting the whole world. Yet, I didn’t know about the various benefits of using and promoting webinars before reading this article which turns it into a valuable and informative one. 

    People can choose to communicate in different ways, but webinars have the big advantage of being live events which facilitates a more efficient transfer of information and interaction among all the particiants. 

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Anyii.

      So true.

      Feel free to drop a note if you ever need support with moving forward with webinars.

      Peace be the journey!


  42. Though nothing can replace totally the in-person gatherings, we are glad to have meetings platforms!!!!
    They actually allow us to meet a big number of audiences compared to the in-person.
    Good move @ phoenix, keep letting people the goodness of virtual platforms!

  43. This is such a great article.  Since the pandemic, our life has changed, more and more companies are letting their employees work from home and do a weekly webinar.   A lot of people lost their jobs and are turning themself to the online world, starting up their own online business.  They can connect with their audience through webinars.  Which platform do you recommend for webinars?

    1. Thanks for sharing, Carole. 

      At the moment I prefer to use Zoom and MS Teams for real-time live webinars. There’s just something in being able to respond and interact in the moment, which is gratifying. However, I’ve also participated in pre-recorded webinars on “GoToWebinar / GoToMeeting” and have been grateful that I could step away and return to complete it at a later date.

      The pandemic has opened the space for a wide range of innovations and I’m looking forward to see what unfolds:)

      Peace be the journey!


  44. I completely agree with the growing need for webinars now and in the future. Human interaction is important when trying to communicate with an audience, however, the value of the time gained by not physically producing a seminar is priceless. Today technology is heading for virtual communication more and more. The pandemic is an example of situations that present and force us to adjust to a virtual world.
    We need to dedicate more time to create advanced technology that will allow us to take advantage of webinars more and more.

  45. Webinars have brought great benefits but as you rightly say, they have their limitations too.

    As a former Network Marketer (now Affiliate Marketer), I remember the ‘bad old days’ of having to travel long distances to meetings which, unless they were corporate events, were often just group trainings from my Upline, etc – the kind of things that can now just as easily and effectively be done online.

    Gone also, is the need for things like 3 way calling – a tedious and time consuming activity when you were working one to one with someone from your Team doing prospecting or coaching activity. Again, this can all be done online and combined with a full business presentation.

    The downside is that webinars can lack the energy and engagement of live events and are more for delivery of information than for big corporate announcements, etc, designed to motivate and inspire people which also come with the social side.

    As you say, though, they are great for facilitating the follow ups to social engagements at live events which can lead to business down the line.

  46. Hello and thank you for you post on “Conference and Webinar Platforms for Small Businesses”.  I didn’t realize that online seminars or meeting software first became available in the mid 90’s.  Over the last few decades it is no surprise that they have become popular by cutting down on expenses for participants who do not need to be there in person. 
    Today with the world in the clutches of a global pandemic that requires social distancing, they are clearly a necessity for doing business.  Obviously the platforms being utilized must be able to function without disruption or interruption. 
    Are the platforms that you listed (Microsoft Webinar, Citrix Webinar, Adobe Webinar, Webinar Jam) limited by the amount of participants or required bandwidth?  I have participated in some global webinars and there seems to be an issue with some signal delay.  Do you know if this is something that a 5G network would eliminate?

    1. Thanks for dropping by, David.

      Indeed all the current platforms have some limitation. 

      Bandwidth is a common problem and most hosts/organizers typically do not have all attendees on video while the webinar is running. They sometimes have only the presenter on video and at times there is no video only audio. 

      The maximum number of attendees is another limitation. However, this varies with specific software/platforms. 5G network is being touted as the best way forward. However, with the number of towers required to prevent objects from blocking signals (even leaves are said to block the 5G waves), the verdict is still out on that one.

      Peace be the journey!


  47. One of the huge advantages of Webinar platforms is that they allow us to zoom presentations whether business, social, or religious over long distances to audiences in the comfort of their homes. Audiences could be in far-flung areas of the world and still be part of the presentation. The only requirement is that they have internet connectivity. Webinar platforms even allow for feedback between host and audience via text or voice.

    In our COVID-19 era world that prescribes social distancing, a webinar is mandatory for connecting team members working on the same project, pitching the benefits of a new product to new or continuing customers. Even conservative establishments like the church, have joined in the new wave of webinar platforms to hold services relayed to members’ homes. Now that a number of states have out-lawed in-person church services.

    Barring the shortcoming of webinar platforms that do not do well with handheld devices, the need for such platforms can only increase as the world struggles to find an effective cure for the pandemic.

  48. I agree with what you said regarding webinars. They take ALOT of preparation, but if done properly have alot of potential. I’ve been part of a few succesfully done webinars myself and it’s a useful way of presenting information.
    Let alone the concept of webinars being recorded and reused. It’s not the same as a recording of an in-person presentation.
    With the recorded webinar you’re closer to the actual experience of the original audience. Or from another angle, the presentator can make sure that all of his audiences (original and later) will have a similar experience.

  49. helllo Phoenix, thanks alot for sharing such an amazing and nice article with us all i was actually doing some research online when i saw these post, first of all i really want to commend your effort in bringing such an educative article, i really do fancy these article alot it holds so much quility info ,i believe these is exactly what i need to take my business up.

    1. Hi Charsleethan1. Happy to help. 

      It’s a growing market that will only open up more for businesses, and small businesses need to start putting things in place in order to avoid down-turn in business.  

      Peace be the journey!


  50. The place of webinars is actually more of an indispensable right now because it actually gives an avenue to be able to actually get into the world of actually getting to pass across information to a larger audience at almost the same time. The various functions of webinar listed here are actually on point and thanks for sharing here

  51. This article is appropriate and very relevant especially in this period of covid. Webinars eradicate three things which are in tune with the new normal; Webinars of cause remove the incidence for attendees physical contact. They minimize need for travel to venues. Lastly they allow real time interaction among many participants without physical contact. 

    The thing about online engagement is remote engagement. It is difficult to tell all participant’s are engaged without distraction. The question is;

    How can the presenter ensure that the participants are engaged through out without being distracted?

    Another downside in webinars is the unfortunate opportunity to cheat. I have done google meets where some participant muted the video and did other things while I thought all along  they were in the meeting! Needless to say, I was quite disheartened when I later learnt this.

    but the article is quite an eye opener and I will definitely  try out some of the suggested software!

    1. Hi Billy, sad that you had to endure the experience of someone cheating. Do you have a webinar platform that you prefer (use more frequently)?

      Peace be the journey!


  52. Thanks for sharing.  I have been on many webinars back in my MLM days and it is definitely away to reach an audience. I am surprised at the number of people who only use cell phones to surf the web.  Besides not being able to see what is going on, the download times are horrendous.

    Webinars will give the presenter authority in their marketing efforts.  It gives the facade they know what they are doing (if they present it right) whether they do or not.  It is like dressing up in a nice suit.  You always think that person has a sense of importance.

    thanks again, Brian

    1. Thanks for sharing, Brian.

      I’m curious, which webinar platform you found to be the most “audience”/user-friendly?

      Peace be the journey!


  53. I must say that everything has developed from old and stressful to me and easy, I could remember the days when I had to travel from one State to another just for a seminar, not it’s not, I can be in two conferences at a time in my room through the internet. Webinar is very good for businesses, it helps you get closer to people with ease.

  54. Webinars are great tools to enhanced any business. It’s more like a concentrated form of communication to your prospects or clients. I have used high end webinars. I can do whatever I want with them. They may not perform or do what a website can do on an overall case, but they can get direct results faster. I like the fact that it can promote video products and capture e-mails for those who find your content interested. Thanks for the article.

  55. Webinars are something new to me. They sound like they’re a lot of work to plan out. I would assume you have to be very serious about wanting a successful webinar in order I actually run one. From what I can tell, it seems to be pretty similar to zoom. Am I right or is it completely different? I will say they seem way more professional than zoom meetings. It appears that webinars are more commonly used after a big event as a follow up. Whereas zoom is used for just about anything especially right now due to corona. 

    1. Hi Lex,

      Thanks for sharing.

      Zoom is in fact one of the many webinar platforms/software/applications that are available for users. While organizing a webinar will involve planning and effort in implementation, there are many who find that they’re easier to plan than, for example, an in-person seminar or conference. 

      The cost, in particular is way cheaper for the organizer, who would’ve otherwise needed to book a venue, pay for audio visual, etc. And the cost for participants is also less expensive, because participants won’t need to pay airfare, rent hotel rooms, or organize for ground transport.

      Since the onset of covid and the subsequent lock downs, the awareness of webinar platforms have become a lot more obvious to people who would never have know about their existence. Additionally, with the increased use, many businesses that would’ve been closed, have taken the opportunity to pivot and are now thriving.

      I trust this has provided more awareness of the opportunities that exist for numerous small businesses, which are the cornerstone of thriving local economies.

      Peace be the journey!


  56. Hi There Phoenix,

    Thank you for sharing this post.

    Webinar is quite new to us, even though we have heard so many times. 

     One of our business within the travel industry got hit quite hard during this pandemic. Thanks to webinar, we can showcase different products (Hotels, Tourist Attractions, etc) directly to our clients (tour operators, front line agents, etc).

    Not only that, we can also attending product presentation from our destination partner, or discussion among industry player. and sales pitching for specific request for example Wedding, or Sport events,  etc

    We agree that Webinar is good, and it is perfect for travel and hospitality industry, in our case:

     – Webinars Are Best Used To Facilitate Product Demonstrations
     – Webinars Are Best Used To Facilitate Focus Groups
     – Webinars Are Best Used When Creating Yourself As An Industry Expert
     – Webinars Can Be Helpful Throughout Sales Cycles

    All the best,
    Kalle & Marie

    1. Hi Kalle & Marie.

      Sorry to hear that your travel business got it. Yet, you’re adapting quite nicely in the new online world.

      I wish you all the best in your exploration of Webinars for your businesses.

      Peace be the journey!


  57. This is very valuable and timely article you shared here. Webinars and all the soft wear companies that develop and create these wonderful innovations can’t be much happier. The irony of the Covid-19 is that while it closed up so many offices, it opened up, like the Microsofts, the Apple, the Amazone,  I mean everything technology is replacing the traditional life as we know it. Yes, as you stated, the GrooveWebinar, has masterfully added another feature to the existing Webinar experience. Regardless of its newness, is already making a great wave. The breakout room feature was very creative and important in today’s online activities. So at least they are thinking ahead of time. Many business executives will be happy to seek such a special luxury with a Panic button because security is key during meetings.

    A lot to learn from this article.


    1. Hi Favorme,

      So great to hear that your experience with GrooveWebinar has been fruitful. Indeed, they’re ahead of the rest.

      Peace be the journey!


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